#SoluzioniDiPeso Success stories in the sector of weighing: Agricola Don Camillo.

Fruit and vegetables have different shapes and sizes. Precisely for this reason, weighing and labeling them is not easy.

We need specific tools, that can guarantee precision, reliability and speed.

This is why the company Agricola Don Camillohas entrusted itself to us.

The company

With roots in the territory of Emiliano, Agricola Don Camillo was born in the heart of Brescello, with the intention of producing and selling melons and watermelons.

Within a very short time, from a small business, the Agricola Don Camillo becomes a reference point for large-scale distribution inItaly and in Europe.

Hence the even more urgent need to find a fast, accurate and compact weighing and labelling tool.

Our solution

To manage the weight-pricing operations of fruit and vegetables in a fast, flexible and personalised way, we at Coop Bilanciai have created Venus Sphera.

An innovative scale, designed specifically for the different types of products with variable weight both with a spherical and irregular shape, up to 15 kg.

Thanks to Venus Sphera, Agricola Don Camillo has found a solution to:

  • Weigh spherical products easily
  • Personalise the labels with ease
  • Monitor the production in real time
  • File all the data
  • Receive prompt assistance 24h

Since 2005, Agricola Don Camillo has worked with us to optimise the production, choosing the products of Coop Bilanciai for all phases of the weighing process.

And not only for watermelons and individual melons, but also for crates and trucks, through weighing platforms, pallet weighers and weighbridges.

If you are looking for a safe and fast tool for weight-pricing and labelling your fruit and vegetables, contact us!

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