Automised agricultural weighing. Solutions for an increasingly competitive world.

Industrial automation has a crucial role in responding to the challenges of agriculture in the future. Especially for complex processes such as weighing  your fruit and vegetables!

In an increasingly competitive market dominated by a growing demand for productivity, automating some of the most demanding agricultural activities is no longer an alternative. It is a need.

To do this, you need intelligent equipment.

The importance of tools…

Industrial automation, to achieve high levels of productivity, requires almost absolute reliability.

This is why our weighing systems guarantee precision and accuracy. At all levels.

With weighing instruments specifically designed to adapt to the specific needs and characteristics of the agricultural sector, we at Coop Bilanciai offer a wide range of solutions.

From van weighing platforms (up to  10 tonnes ) to  weigh bridges , designed for large tractors and trucks (up to 80 tonnes ).

Tested, certified, modular and commensurable according to the needs of your farm, our automated weighing solutions allow you to optimise your productivity.

Ensuring the  maximum efficiency and the greatest possible safety.

In which way?

Through systems that communicate with each other.

…. the value of the right software…

To ensure that the different components of your production line communicate, adapting and optimising it in real time, you need advanced software.

Like Easy Logis!

The specific software for the control and regulation of accesses for product delivery and collection, and relative automatic management of weighing operations.

Flexible and highly customisable, Easy Logis has an intuitive graphical interface and allows to issue transport documents directly from the weighing terminal or from a Client PC connected to the system.

Through a management of bars and traffic lights, with a load detection camera and a licence plate detection camera, Easy Logis allows you to plan logistics and transport. over short timeframes

By making simple processes that, until now, have been much more complex.

…for a complete solution

With decades of experience in the agriculture sector behind us, we at Coop Bilanciai have created automated weighing solutions:

  • Easy to use
  • Integrated between them
  • Perfectly integrated with the rest of your production network

What’s more, you can count on our help service 24h.

If you are looking for an automated weighing solution capable of optimising your processes, data analysis and your performance, contact us!

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