Are you evaluating whether to implement or upgrade the automation in your business? The world has already made that decision for you.

Productivity requires time and resources. Automation can speed up your processes and reduce your costs.

This is confirmed by the data from the WorkMarket Report 2020 In(Sight).

This is a survey carried out by WorkMarket and KRC Research, a global public-opinion research consulting firm that saw the participation of entrepreneurs, IT professionals and employees from different sectors.

Statistics in hand, the numbers speak for themselves

According to the report, increasing numbers of companies are automating their work flows to achieve more efficient processes.

Especially with regard to the management of two of the most important production aspects for your business.

·      TIME

85% of business owners believe that automation will give them and their co-workers more time to focus on the objectives that truly count for the company.

Value confirmed by 73% of IT experts. Who say that employees will save between 10 and 50% of the time previously spent on repetitive manual tasks.

54% of employees also surveyed agree and believe that they can save up to 240 hours a year thanks to automation.

·      COSTS

57% of IT professionals say that automation can save different departments between 10 and 50% of costs, previously associated with manual production.

In addition, more than half of the organisations involved believe that business process automation minimises human error in the workflow.

And, consequently, reduces the costs of resolving these oversights.

The right assist for tangible increase

Automation can have a real impact on the productivity of your business. On several levels.

78% of the entrepreneurs interviewed confirm this.

Automating tasks within your organisation increases the productivity of everyone involved as well as the efficiency of your entire business.

This is why we at Coop Bilanciai have developed several integrated systems to automate your company.

That goes way beyond just weighing.

Innovative and integrated solutions to help you quickly and easily automate your business operations and workflows.

If you want to know more about our automation solutions, contact us!

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