Are you an OEM installer? With our load cells you don’t just buy a product but a partner!

Making OEM systems or components for other companies is not an easy job.

It requires time, skills and raw materials of a certain level… like our load cells

Powerful, reliable and smart tools designed specifically for those who are in constant dialogue with different parent companies.

The manufacturers’ guarantee

For over 25 years, we at Coop Bilanciai have been studying, designing and manufacturing analogue and digital load cells for those who, like you, work in the OEM sector.

Over the course of this quarter of a century, not only have we perfected our cells but we have also gathered some experience in identifying the difficulties which OEM operators encounter every day.

And we have resolved this!

Because, as manufacturers, we have free access to all the creation phases of your cells, so we can customize the configuration depending on your specific needs.

But not just that!

The assistance of manufacturers

As manufacturers of analogue and digital load cells, we can offer you targeted and timely assistance.

And not just because we know the product we create perfectly but also because, by entrusting us at Coop Bilanciai, you can count on dedicated support.

In fact, in our team we have a team of experts who exclusively deal with this.

  • We help you to identify the most suitable load cells for the construction of your plants
  • We support you in integrating the cells into your systems or components
  • We respond to every technical and operational doubt

Guaranteeing, in this way, direct and exhaustive assistance!

Our cells, your original product

Many OEMs have already chosen our load cells to benefit from exclusive products, priority assistance services and reserved discounts.

Conditions specifically dedicated to those who, like you, work in the system supply sector.

If you too want to equip your equipment with tailor-made – analogue and – digital load cells and benefit from countless advantages, contact us!

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