Any size. Highest standards of cleanliness. State-of-the-art labelling. Ensure these with Coop’s weighing systems for meat and sausage products.


There are five main advantages that large companies and SMEs gain when they choose to equip their production departments with Coop Bilanciai weighing solutions.

For more than 70 years we have been working with the meat industry. Coop Bilanciai creates tailor-made weighing systems designed to meet specific company needs.

From small local craft businesses to large companies. 

Advantages for your company 

With our weighing solutions for the meat and sausage sector you can:

  1. Equip your production department with robust, reliable and modular machines, tailored to your company’s needs.
  2. Optimally handle small items with a precision of 0.2 g and large items up to 40 kg, with a wide range of systems with high performance and speed.
  3. Create multiple labels for your packages. You can apply more labels on top, underneath or on the side of the outer packaging of each product. Including C-labels.
  4. Meet the most rigorous safety and hygiene standards: stainless steel platforms, scales and weighing instruments are easier and quicker to wash and clean.
  5. Rely on effective and fast service which guarantees quick answers and support, especially during breakdowns or sudden machine shutdowns.

Our weighing systems allows equipping every line in the production department with the most suitable solution.

Weighbridges for entry and exit of goods, overhead scales for elevated tracks, scales, classic weighing platforms, underground or accessible for a more meticulous sanitisation and advanced software that includes measuring your ingredients.

And much more.

Give your company the right weighing systems. Find out more about our solutions for the meat and sausage industry.

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