2021 was a challenging year Coop Bilanciai has decided to re-group these challenges

2021 was not an easy year.

It required renewed commitment and unwavering determination but it achieved results.

Despite the surge in the cost of raw materials and a world economy which is still a long way away from the levels of 2019, we managed to increase our turnover (+ 21%) and our profit (+ 23%).

Despite the circumstances that required the utmost attention even for a simple meeting, we hired new personnel, reaching a total of 235 employees.

Thanks to weighbridges, load cells and terminals, we witnessed great growth in our products dedicated to industrial weighing (+ 50%).

In fact, in 2021 our factories produced:

  • over 700 weighbridges
  • almost 26,000 load cells
  • over 8,000 terminals

Furthermore, in line with our ideal of continuous improvement and to be ready for new challenges, we decided to double our investments in innovation and safety compared to the previous year.

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