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The  Museo della Bilancia, the only one of that kind in Italy, testifies the story of weighing and measuring from Middle Ages to nowadays: scales, platforms, steelyard balances, and a large heritage of  advertisings, brochures, original prints and pictures of period equipments.

It started as an experience of  local interest, but now the collection has national and international connotation. The Museum fits in perfectly the local production, it represents not only its historical memory, but also a way to promote the development the technical and scientific knowledge of our territory.

Fresh Plaza is a fruit and vegetable international newspaper , just visit this rich link and you will find a lot of information about this sector you couldn’t do without.

A company of a ten-year experience, a valid proposal to update agricultural and zootechnical structures.

Organism that qualifies the laboratories as a calibration centre. It shows the organization, the national calibration system, SIT laboratories and contacts.