WESTERN BIOENERGY - Biomass Processing

WESTERN BIOENERGY - Biomass Processing


Biomass power plants


WESTERN BIOENERGY biomass power plant (15 MWe) at Margam, South Wales. The plant has an annual production capacity of over 110 million kWh of “ecological” electricity and is connected directly to the local power station to supply energy to over 31,000 households in Port Talbot.

Our solution


 The system is composed of:
-    18-metre weighbridge model SBP/C (mixed iron-cement) with a capacity of 60 tons in the underground version
-    WEIGHTRON’S VISIONWEIGH vehicle number plate recognition system
-    SELF 800 self-service terminal for truck drivers
-    Access traffic lights
-    WINWEIGH CONNECT management software connected to a load humidity analysis system.
The trucks delivering fuel (shrubbery or woodworking scraps) drive onto the weighbridge where, after vehicle recognition, the load is weighed. A sample is taken of each load for humidity analysis and the value determined. After the unloading operation another one is performed to determine the net weight.
When the operations have been completed the driver collects the receipt from the SELF 800 terminal on the weighbridge.
The same operation is performed in reverse order to load the ash from the spent fuel.



  •     Fuel supply quality control and automatic determination of the value.
  •     High process automation for the incoming fuel and the outgoing ash.
  •     Material weight control and computerised weighing management
  •     Remote control service to guarantee process continuity.           

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