Maritime ports/Grain processing


New Agribulk Terminal in the Port of Aveiro - owned and operated by Socarpor (Aveiro) S.A., which started commercial operations in August 2008. The terminal has 60.000 tons of steel silos storage capacity with ship unload speed of 1.000 tons per hour.

Testimony from Eng. Nelson Castro Santos, Sograin CEO:
“SLV Platform from Cachapuz is versatile, flexible, offers powerful tools for business analysis, for increasing operations performance and fulfilling the company/terminal necessities.”

Our solution

SLV Platform was customized to meet the needs of this business area, providing the necessary tools and equipments for the complete automation of cereals bulk loading and business analysis. The solution was seamlessly integrated with Buhler Automation solution WinCoS to allow tracing the product from the ship container who delivered the product to final customer who loaded the product.  
At the expedition zone, an operator registers on SLV Expedition the information of the customer and the product/quantity needed. This data is then associated to an RFID tag delivered to the truck driver. All the trucks wait in the parking zone until the system call trough the information panel. After SLV calls a license plate, the driver goes to the correct silo and identifies himself in the SLV Kiosk. The first weight is registered and the operator starts the loading process. SLV Kiosk is integrated with Buhler Automation to control the quantity of cereals loaded into the truck. Finally the second weight is registered and the loaded truck goes to the exit zone were SLV Platform prints all necessary documentation, allowing the truck to leave the terminal.   
The installed solution was composed of:

  • SLV Platform integrated with Buhler WinCoS
  • 2 SLV Bulk Loading Kiosks (with touch screen, RFID card readers and traffic lights)
  • 1 SLV Check-Out Kiosk (with touch screen, thermal printer, RFID card reader, traffic lights and control barrier)
  • 2 large size weighbridges (with 29 meters long)
  • 3 Information Panels (1 with large dimensions with full visibility at 150 meters and 2 small panels)



  • Automated dispatching solution
  • Rich data exploration
  • Buhler WinCoS online integration
  • Remote support to the system




  • Maximum number of vehicles dispatched in one hour: 17
  • Maximum quantity loaded in one hour: 435 t
  • Maximum number of vehicles dispatched in one day (8 hours shift): 97
  • Maximum quantity loaded in one day (8 hours shift): 2300 t
  • Average loading time per truck: 2 minutes

Cachapuz installation (Portugal) – Bilanciai Group