The Sector


The Company

Avicola Monteverde – Rovato  BRESCIA

Azienda Crescenti first came onto the market in 1950 with a small incubator and one hundred eggs. Since then, the Crescenti family has worked hard to build its company. Today, Avicola Alimentare Monteverde plays a leading role in its sector.
The Crescenti family personally handles almost every phase in production, in part thanks to the functional logistics of the company’s main sites (incubator, feed storage, breeder rearing and slaughtering), which are concentrated within the space of a few kilometres.
Avicola Alimentare Monteverde is a vertically integrated company that develops poultry products in their entirety. It produces feed, rears breeders, incubates eggs, rears poultry, and slaughters, sections, packages and markets the end products.

The company operates in accordance with UNI10939:01 standards, guaranteeing product traceability from the rearing phase until the product is shipped to clients. Products are duly labelled with their lot number so that consumers can trace both their provenance and well as the product’s transformation phases. Both whole products (traditional and torso) and any cut of chicken can be traced.


The Solution
The crate weighing system designed by Cooperativa Bilanciai using a Mercury Plus price-weighing and labelling system was introduced and perfectly integrated into the production cycle.

Once the product is slaughtered, traceability is ensured with an ID document listing the farm of provenance, box and date of slaughter. Following the first phases of the working process, the products pass through the cooling tunnel to be packaged, where a pre-label with a bar code identifying the product and lot/farmer is applied to the crates.

During the first working phases, loosely packaged products can be traced immediately, since the crates delivered to the MERCURY PLUS system are identified using a fully automated laser scanner. The weighing system weighs the crates and prints a label complete with its name, weight, lot, farm, date of slaughter etc... in a clear and opportunity coded manner (EAN128, ITF...), which includes the time of packaging as well.

The whole process takes place without the presence of an operator, and provides for exceptions such as: unrecognisable crates, lost or faulty barcodes, crates with weights outside the range provided for that particular item. In fact, MERCURY PLUS is equipped with an ejection system that ejects faulty crates laterally, sending them to a roller conveyor, where they are later collected by an operator.

MERCURY PLUS is a practical, sturdy system that can support production with peaks of up to 2400 crates/hour. Furthermore, with the aid of a simple Ethernet connection with TCP/IP protocol, it interacts in an extremely efficient manner with the Client’s management system, so that production data can be recovered and the management system can receive new programs. Interaction with the management system can even include simple, efficient programming for individually weighed quantities, within the scope of the rules regulating legal metrology.

The Mercury Plus crate weighing system can be used for demanding operations in difficult environments and has been designed with top quality, oversized, materials, with a generous use of stainless steel and motorised systems designed to work long hours in complete safety. Its tested and reliable arm application system, positions labels both on cardboard and plastic crates, even when these have different heights.

The Mercury Plus Crate Weighing System can also be provided without a scanner and fitted with a keypad with 128 keys, so that the operator can sort arriving products in a simple manner, allowing for great user flexibility in addition to its other features, which have been described above.


  •     sturdy, reliable system
  •     elevated production rate, superior to all other lines in the same class
  •     pre-label with a barcode identifying the product and lot/farm
  •     crate label containing all the data in a clear, codified manner (EAN128, ITF etc)
  •     fully automated system, does not require the presence of an operator
  •     faulty crate identification and ejection system
  •     perfect interconnection with the Client’s management system using an Ethernet  network (TCP/IP protocol)